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Steve Matthiasson / Matthiasson Wines
“Everything that goes into the bottle should reflect the goodness we put into the wine.”
Guy Davis / Davis Family Vineyards
“Do as much as you can in the vineyard. Intervene as little as possible in the cellar then choose the closure that delivers.”
Hardy Wallace / Dirty & Rowdy
“We wanted to make the perfect wine for fried chicken. The recipe called for sugarcane.”
Ken Wright / Ken Wright Cellars
“You learn to trust the plant to connect you to the land. We trust Nomacorc to keep that connection clear.”
Pam Starr / Crocker & Starr
“I bring the vineyard’s message through the wine and into the bottle. Closures are punctuation.”
Pax Mahle / Pax Wines
“Freshness dictates everything we do — where we grow. When we pick. Even what we seal the bottles with.”
Samantha Sheehan / Poe Wines
“You’re always thinking about the next vintage. And the one after that. Sustainability is a given.”
Scott Schultz / Jolie-Laide
Sustainability is a big factor for us, we are always interested in new technologies that can reduce our ‘footprint’.
Sheri Morano / Master of Wine
Juilo Viola /. Bodega del Fin del Mundo

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